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Hello from South Africa! I have been in this gorgeous country for about a week now, and what a whirlwind it has been! Our orientation site plays home to curious and cheeky little monkeys who are quick to steal if you leave the windows open and lumbering baboons who puff their chests and howl if you get too close. Pre-Service Training, or PST, is chock full of learning sessions, our jam packed schedule includes safety and security, medical (yay more vaccines!), and technical teaching sessions. In addition, we have begun our language study and I…. am learning Setswana in preparation of serving in the North West province! So far, I am loving almost every minute, the afternoon hikes, pre-sunrise runs, and pure frolicking on the swing set or trampoline definitely make me feel like a kid again! On Saturday, we will move in with our PST host families for the remainder of the next ten weeks and I am so excited to immerse myself in Tswana culture, language, and family! ​

I am attaching a video of our Langauage and Culture facilitators (LCFs) singing to us upon our arrival at the orientation site!

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