English Clubs

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Week six of PST is here (don’t ask me how) and that means we have begun teaching English clubs at local schools. The clubs, while incredibly exhausting, are quickly becoming a highlight of my day. As I get started with my 29 learners (considered a small class size here) each day, I work hard to instill a sense of curiosity and a desire to engage with the English language. My learners range in age from 9-13 and are in grades 4,5, and 6. This variation in grades presents itself in a widespread levels of English ability from being unable to understand even simple sentences to a level of intermediate proficiency. Clubs are designed not only to allow us classroom experience prior to service, but to be a fun and engaging environment for learners. To this end, we sing camp songs, play red light green light, and Simon says (complete with silly dance moves). While the addition of clubs makes for an even more jam-packed schedule, I am incredibly excited to return to my inquisitive, courageous, and smart learners each day!

Outside of clubs, my life remains full with language classes (ke a ithuta Setswana thata! I am learning a lot of Setswana!), playing with neighborhood kids, and reading Dr. Seuss books!

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  1. alyssa , this is such a good way of teaching….
    back in vienna i had to learn :” WEE, WILLIE WINKY” when i was age ten !!! love seeing you so happy !!!


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