See ya later PST

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This time next week I’ll be packing my bags and saying my goodbyes to my incredible host family before I head to Pretoria to swear in on Monday. The end of PST is absolutely bittersweet, for while I cannot wait to head to my permanent site and begin my life in the Northwest, the end of PST also means a lot of goodbyes.

Goodbye to my fellow trainees as we spread out across two different provinces for the duration of our service. Goodbye to the LCFs who have worked tirelessly to help us learn Setswana and isiZulu and to share facets of South African culture. Goodbye to my learners who opened up to me in just three short weeks of English clubs. Goodbye to my fabulous host family who embraced me as one of their own, and to whom I know I will return during service. Goodbye to my friends in Marapayane who come play with me every afternoon.

There are also the little things: goodbye to my shower (hello bucket baths), goodbye full kitchen (what’s up stoven and mini fridge?), goodbye comfort zone!

Don’t get me wrong, as sad as I am to leave Marapayane, I could not be more thrilled for training to be over and to move on to site. The one week countdown to SA34 being volunteers is on, and as I reflect upon my readiness to serve, I could not feel more ready and motivated to tackle whatever may be thrown my way.

So see ya later PST, it’s been real. ✌🏽️
*photo creds: Lily Mirsepassi

6 thoughts on “See ya later PST

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  1. Dumelang Rea Alyssa, welcome to South Africa, great to hear that you are learning and settling in to your strange surroundings. We will follow you on blog, and we all look forward to meeting you in due course, when you are ready. Good luck in your new assignment, Eric and family, Magaliesburg.



    1. Thanks Eric, once I am settled in at site we can make a plan for me to head out your way. I should definitely be able to make it work in the upcoming months. Maybe for a long weekend? We’ll see!


  2. Sounds like you’ve already had an amazing experience, and now you’re moving on to the next phase! So happy for you, and look forward to following your amazing adventure!! Love you, Rosie


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