And then I was all on my own…

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Only not really. Following an incredible swearing in event in Pretoria, where I gave a speech in Setswana, I headed out to the Northwest Province and my new village in the Greater Taung area. My new school is home to close to 800 learners- many of whom are orphans and vulnerable children. These kids face incredible obstacles to their education; malnutrition, gigantic class sizes, teachers who don’t show up to class, and so much more. And yet, they still strive to learn, asking me to come teach their class  when no one else will.

I am currently shadowing teachers, co teaching grade 6 life skills, and even tackling some grade 7 English all on my own. I am working hard to encourage my male learners that they are just as capable of cleaning the school as the females, and promoting confidence and participation in my shy and uncertain learners.

Outside of school, my days consist of hanging out with learners in the afternoon playing netball or jumping rope, walking to the local tuk shop, and hauling water for my day to day activities.

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  1. Hi Alyssa, Great to hear from you. You certainly are in the wilds right now, really down to basics. I dont know the Taung area, but we caravaned at Kimberley some time ago.Maybe you will even find a diamond, if not on the ground, but among your new pupils. You are now about 450km from us, but you are in our thoughts and prayers. We have settlements like your present ones near us, so we can picture your experience. What is the water situation near you? I believe there are some nice picnic spots at BLue Pools, remnants of the old lime quarries, but be very very careful. Did you receive the letter I sent you c/o P.C.Pretoria? We know its tough going for you now and we wish much admire what you are doing, we wish you luck in your new surroundings, Lol, Eric


  2. Wow! What an amazing experience! I’m sure you are bringing a lot of enthusiasm and joy to your students! Keep up the good work!
    Love, Rosie


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