What about when it’s too much?

Too much to handle.

Too much to handle the news that our likely next Supreme Court Justice is the subject of repeated allegations of sexual misconduct.

Too much to handle the pervasive berating, shaming, and abusive commentating swirling around acrimoniously in response to one of the most courageous acts I have ever witnessed.

Too much to handle that the world doesn’t stop and pause and create space for the momentous occasion happening in front of our eyes.

Too much to handle the realization that Dr. Ford had to explicitly define one of the most painful moments in her life on arguably the world’s largest stage and that people still say that “at least she wasn’t raped”.

Too much to handle that although the widespread movements have instilled a culture of belief, we have yet to shift to a culture that genuinely cares.

And then the stinger, what makes someone a credible witness (in a situation that is a job interview, not a trial)? Dr. Ford was considered uniquely qualified to be a credible witness due to her Doctorate in Psychology, but what about those who haven’t achieved that level of education, who don’t remember all the details, who belong to systemically marginalized and oppressed groups?

How? How can our systems, institutions, people continue to fail us? How can we fail not only survivors but also future generations? How is this the state of the world we live in?

Right now I cling to my outrage and disgust, allowing them to fuel me forward (be damn sure I’ll be marching soon), but I also feel myself cocooning inward conscientious of the weight of these events, aware that for many of us this day is every day and depleted at the relentless aggressions shoveled down our throats.

All I’ve got left is this: survivors and allies alike, take care of yourselves, but most importantly ask others how you can help ease their burden, their pain.

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