Get to Know Alyssa

My name is Alyssa Goya. I am a 25-year-old Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. During my service I lived and taught English in the rural North West province of South Africa. I grappled with the innate dualities that make life in South Africa a tough place to call home and I continue to strive to engage with the tough stuff; race, gender, inequality- and the paths to inclusion and greater awareness.

Stateside once again, I am maintaining this blog as a means for me to process unshared Peace Corps experiences, my thoughts on current events, and the great adventures I have yet to partake in.

I recently completed my M.A. in International Comparative Education (2019) at Stanford University. My Master’s thesis built on my Peace Corps experience by exploring how African Home Language learners in South Africa develop confidence to study in English as the medium of instruction. I completed my undergraduate degrees at the University of Arizona (2016) with a B.A. in Spanish and a B.S. in Global Studies.

For anyone interested in Peace Corps Service, Trainees, current volunteers, RPCVS, and the general and curious community, please feel free to ask me anything about my Peace Corps experience. This blog serves as a place for me to share my experiences with the world.


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